Dr. James G. Jolissaint
January 3, 2012 posted by Dr. James G. Jolissaint
Over the past three months, MC4 subject matter experts have shared their insights and best practices to help MC4 users navigate the Commander's Guide to MC4. In case you've missed the postings, there were 12 different subjects discussed; here's a qui... Read More

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Dr. Ken Meade
December 29, 2011 posted by Dr. Ken Meade
The heart and soul of Medical Situational Awareness in the Theater (MSAT) is medical surveillance. Annex J, Appendix J-1 of the Commander's Guide to MC4 explains how MSAT can assist in generating data slides that will depict the medical situation of ... Read More

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Rocky Henemyer
December 20, 2011 posted by Rocky Henemyer
Quality health care begins with class VIII, or medical supplies. The United States deploys world class medical personnel to care for our wounded warriors, but unless they have the right item at the right place and at the right time, then we are limiting their... Read More

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Rachel Collins
December 13, 2011 posted by Rachel Collins
Novice and experienced MC4 users alike can benefit from the wealth of information available online. The Gateway is the place for MC4 users to interact with other end users and learn best practices for managing electronic medical records (EMRs)... Read More

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Alvin Vaughn
December 6, 2011 posted by Alvin Vaughn
One question that is frequently asked in deployed medical units is What is MC4, and what does it do? This question can still be heard in theater so weve carved out a section in the Commander's Guide, specifically Annex C, to answer these questions.... Read More

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Benjamin Pryor
November 29, 2011 posted by Benjamin Pryor
Where’s our MC4 equipment? Have you ever found yourself asking this question? If so, the answer may be as simple as thumbing through the Commander’s Guide to MC4. Annex E addresses a myriad of equipping, fielding and sustainment... Read More

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Priscilla Quackenbush
November 22, 2011 posted by Priscilla Quackenbush
Medical treatment facility (MTF) commanders and clinical leaders closely monitor the number and types of patients evaluated, treated and evacuated from their facilities. This data is crucial in managing manpower and other resources which... Read More

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Ryan Loving
November 15, 2011 posted by Ryan Loving
While operating as the MC4 Southwest Asia (SWA) operations manager, I’ve personally experienced a significant uptick in the use of MC4 to capture electronic medical records (EMRs), which until now was an uncommon practice in a theater of war. T... Read More

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Leann Micheals
November 8, 2011 posted by Leann Micheals
For many years AHLTA-T has enabled providers to successfully document outpatient care. The app works well at all medical treatment facilities (MTFs) for documenting emergency room care and outpatient clinic care. At level 3/role 3 MTFs, such as comba... Read More

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Ray Sterling
November 1, 2011 posted by Ray Sterling
A Service member’s electronic medical record (EMR) begins with the providers and medics at level I and level II medical treatment facilities (MTFs) who are responsible for documenting patient care. Every level I battalion aid station (BAS) and... Read More

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Dave Sheaffer
October 25, 2011 posted by Dave Sheaffer
MC4 offers diverse training opportunities to ensure the U.S. Army’s health care personnel remain the premier professional force in documenting care in a Service member’s lifelong electronic medical record (EMR). To optimize every valuable... Read More

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Leann Micheals
October 18, 2011 posted by Leann Micheals
When providers leave theater without signing AHLTA-T encounters they’re essentially creating a pause or gap in medical information. Unsigned AHLTA-T encounters simply remain on MC4 systems and when the next rotation of medical staff arrives the... Read More

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Dr. James G. Jolissaint
October 11, 2011 posted by Dr. James G. Jolissaint
The Commander’s Guide to MC4 contains important business practices that empower operational medical commanders with the knowledge and tools that will help them to successfully perform their assigned missions using an electronic medical record s... Read More

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Dr. James G. Jolissaint
October 5, 2011 posted by Dr. James G. Jolissaint
We're launching a series of blogs that will help MC4 users take advantage of the resourceful, yet voluminous, Commander's Guide to MC4. This comprehensive reference contains numerous recommendations and business practices for medical leaders at all l... Read More

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