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Welcoming Two New MC4 Site Leads

March 24, 2014 posted by Lt. Col. Danny J. Morton

This month we welcomed two new CONUS region site leads to MC4: Marcus Allen and Scott Sloane. Marcus will be leading our Eastern Region Support Office and Scott the Western Region Support Office. MC4 region leads serve a vital role in making sure our customers have the most up-to-date EMR software... Read More

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Blog 2 of 2: Efforts to Improve the Deployable EMR System

February 26, 2014 posted by Lt. Col. Myong Woo

As a nurse informatician, I can help bridge the gap between clinical and technical capabilities. Alternate Input Method (AIM) forms are often used to help standardize notes that are input into the MC4 system and uploaded to a Soldier’s EMR.... Read More

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Blog 1 of 2: Efforts to Improve the Deployable EMR System

February 19, 2014 posted by Lt. Col. Myong Woo

One of my primary goals as a nurse informatician is to help ensure all medical care is documented in patient records because this supports continuity of care from point-of-injury to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, the United States and eventually to Veterans Affairs. ... Read More

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Army Guard Plugs in to Electronic Medical Recording

January 30, 2014 posted by Capt. Summer Favors

It’s been a long time in the making, but the Army National Guard (ARNG) medical detachments in all 54 states and territories will soon have the ability to capture electronic medical records (EMRs). MC4 systems will provide ARNG providers access to various medical applications including medical logistics ... Read More

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Top 2013 Content on The Gateway

December 17, 2013 posted by Rachel Collins

Throughout 2013, information about the next iteration of the MC4 system, EMR, was the most popular among our readers. In preparation for receiving EMR it is still critical for customers to obtain PKI-E certificates to ensure the EMR system continues to work properly. ... Read More

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Mele Kalikimaka

December 16, 2013 posted by Lt. Col. Danny J. Morton

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a military assignment and live in Hawaii. And there are many times when I dream about returning to the warm sun, sea, surfing and island culture. The islands bring me warmth, peace and a necessary change of scenery whenever I’m there. ... Read More

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EMR Hits the Road in 2014

November 25, 2013 posted by Lt. Col. Danny J. Morton

The dust has settled since the partial government shutdown ended in mid-October. Here at MC4 we’ve been reassessing our software upgrade timeline for EMR and I’m pleased to announce that MC4 will begin our software upgrade for the new EMR suite on 12 January 2013.... Read More

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Welcoming a New Member to the MC4 Family

October 15, 2013 posted by Lt. Col. Danny J. Morton

This month we welcomed Maj. Mario Zaltzman to MC4. He joined the team as our newest assistant product manager. He has an extensive background in acquisition policy and will be leading the charge in business transformation playing an integral role as we posture the program for the future.... Read More

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Improving Customer Access to Information

October 10, 2013 posted by Rachel Collins

We’ve refreshed our About page to provide clarity about the program’s mission and vision. We’ve also recently updated the Policies and Guidelines pertaining to website and social media use in an effort to be more transparent. While MC4 is a medical IT program... Read More

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MC4 Participation in NetMod 13

September 25, 2013 posted by Mark Gregory

MC4 successfully demonstrated new capabilities for the electronic capture and transport of medical data at an important testing event that took place in May and July this year: The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR) ... Read More

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EMR Upgrade Requires Customer Action

September 3, 2013 posted by Lt. Col. Danny J. Morton

MC4 customers will be receiving a new iteration of the EMR system in fiscal year 2014 that includes big changes and improvements to TC2 and DCAM. In preparation for the fielding, all MC4 customers must get Public Key Infrastructure - Enterprise (PKI-E) certificates.... Read More

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Serving Veterans with EMR-ready Smart Phones

August 28, 2013 posted by Lt. Col. Danny J. Morton

As technology advances, MC4 is continually tracking emerging trends, exploring new capabilities and considering new technologies that can be used to digitally record and transfer critical medical data from the foxhole to medical treatment facilities around the world.... Read More

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Units responsible for MC4 sustainment training

August 14, 2013 posted by Cody Smith

MC4 provides New Equipment Training (NET), as required by acquisition regulations, which is the specialized hands-on instruction of the MC4 system following the initial fielding. This one-time training provides units the knowledge to conduct their own sustainment training during their... Read More

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MC4 Electronic Medical Record Sets Sail

July 24, 2013 posted by Capt. Amy Alheim

The 7th Sustainment Brigade began using the MC4 system to electronically document patient care and manage medical logistics in April 2013. The intent was to ensure the medics could provide electronic medical records (EMRs) for Soldiers while conducting garrison operations aboard the unit’s... Read More

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